Marma Energy Treatments

This is one of the most restorative treatments for your mind/body

Price: 60-minute treatment:  $60

Three 60-minute treatments:  $150 (use within 3 months)

Are you feeling tired or depleted?  Not sleeping well?  Have aches or pains that won’t go away?  Is stress taking its toll on you?  Want to be more productive?  Need more balance in your life? Marma energy treatments can help with all of these concerns and more!

Marma are vital energy points located on the surface of the body similar to acupressure points. Marma points are located where the flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet.  Marma is a Sanskrit word which means “hidden” or “secret”.  There are 107 major marma points on the body which are “doorways” into the mind/body.  Each point allows for entry into the chakras and works on the subtle body, releasing blocked energy and stimulating the flow of prana.  Prana is our vital life force and can easily become depleted. Activating these points gently awakens your body’s own natural self-healing, self-balancing and sense of calm.

Marma energy treatments can help with so many areas of the mind/body including aches and pains, stress and anxiety, insomnia, grief and loss, digestive issues, improve organ function and overall balance and relaxation.  The body responds to the mind and the mind responds to the body.  They are not separate.  These treatments synchronize and harmonize the entire system.

Through gentle touch on specific points, the body deeply relaxes, the nervous system is reset, and cellular healing of the body is enhanced by creating balance and harmony in your mind/body.  You remain fully clothed during this treatment.  Focus is on energy centers rather than muscles.  Touch on marma points is done with specific fingers.  A tuning fork which is tuned to the frequency of Ohm or other tuning forks with various healing frequencies are used on marma points to allow a subtle vibration to relax and heal the body.  Essential oils and gemstones or crystals may also be incorporated into a treatment. 

Contact me to request an appointment or to find out more about this amazing treatment.  Invest in yourself and your well-being.

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