Yoga's Joyful Journey YouTube Channel

Here’s a way you can join me on the journey of yoga and practice yoga at your own convenience and in your own space.  Do yoga before work, on your lunch break, after work, or while you are out of town.  I upload fresh content each month and I have a nice library of yoga videos to choose from. 

I created this channel to provide yoga videos that allow you to learn and practice yoga anytime and anywhere.  Yoga is an amazing way to lift your spirits, reduce stress, improve your health, get/stay flexible and age gracefully. As you practice with me, remember that all of the yoga poses and length of hold can be modified to fit your needs.  My video library offers a nice variety of videos to help you navigate through daily life. You will find videos for morning, evening, strengthening, stretching, pain relief and relaxation.

Namaste’ ~Becky

Here’s a sampling of some of the videos on my YouTube channel

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