Welcome to my blog

Becky head shot (mesquite tree)

Welcome to my Blog

I am Becky Thomas, a yoga teacher and also the eternal student of yoga. I’m on the path of self-inquiry, clean eating, staying strong and fit, going on adventures, learning new things and sharing wisdom. I am excited to share with you what Yoga’s Joyful Journey means to me through this blog. Life is a journey. Each day is a fresh start. Join me on the journey and let’s see what we can find.


Why I started my blog

I love to share quotes and positive thoughts during my yoga classes and on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I get a lot of positive feedback from people after a yoga class. Many times they tell me that the quote or positive thought I shared during class seemed to be just the boost or bit of encouragement that they needed to hear. My hope is that I can positively impact more people and that those people can share and positively impact others. I love the quote from Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.


What the blog will talk about

I’m always reading, researching, going places and trying new things. My blog will be about sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. From yoga poses, to mediation and centering, to travel, to healthy habits and ideas, to handling the joys and disappointments of life, I’ll be sprinkling some encouragement, insight and helpful information out there for you to think about, try or maybe choose a different way.


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