Fit & Flexible

I launched Fit & Flexible in July 2020 during the middle of the Covid pandemic and we have been going strong since then!  What is Fit & Flexible?  It consists of two 30-minute workouts per week; one on Monday and one on Wednesday.  Monday is light stretching, upper body and core.  Wednesday is light stretching, lower body and core.  Sometimes we do some full body sessions.

Join me live on Zoom at 7:30 am Arizona time.  If you are unable to join live, I record each session and automatically email you the link to the recording so that you can do the session at your convenience.  You can also double or triple up the sessions and get 2-3 upper body and 2-3 lower body sessions in every week.  The recordings are available for 7 days to keep you motivated to do the session before is disappears. 

You don’t need any equipment, but we will use a chair for some exercises and if you have two 5-pound dumbbells that’s all you need.  If you don’t have dumbbells, you can use 2 water bottles, 2 soup cans or you can do all of the moves with no weights. 

I keep the sessions short, sweet, fun and fresh.  Try it, I think you will be glad you did.  Invest in your health and take good care of Yourself! 

Cost:  $11.11 per month for all live sessions and all recordings

Payment methods:  Venmo | AppleCash | Zelle 

Please contact me for the usernames to pay with the above payment methods

Fine print:  Sorry, no refunds if you don’t like it or can’t do it or miss live sessions

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