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The Machu Picchu yoga retreat with Becky and Joan in September, 2012, far exceeded our expectations! The entire trip was well thought out from pre-trip planning, to printed itineraries, to gear and travel checklists. We were advised on foreign currency, food, and even cell phone usage. Everything was thoroughly mapped out. Our trip unfolded with ease and flow, allowing our entire group to enjoy the full splendor of Peru.

​Becky brought with her all the attributes that make her a great yoga teacher. She provided encouragement, reassurance, focus and a great sense of fun. Just thinking about our Peru experiences makes us want to go on another joyful journey with Becky.

​Mark and Patty H.

Tucson, AZ

I have been practicing yoga with Becky Thomas for several years and I feel less stressed and more flexible than I have ever been in my adult life. Though I have practiced with some very good instructors in the past, I always look forward to attending Becky's classes Her classes are fun, informative, calming and many times targeted for specific conditions (usually just what I need at the moment). Her teaching style is easy to follow, utilizing demonstrations and soothing verbal descriptions of the poses. Whatever your level, I highly recommend practicing with Becky.

Gail D.
Tucson, AZ

Having been a yoga student of Becky's for more than ten years, I believe that she is an outstanding teacher and mentor. She is dedicated to learning/growing in her own practice, and she eagerly shares her knowledge and information with her students. She has a gentle wisdom and manner, and is gifted at ensuring that each student's practice addresses his/her own individual needs and abilities. I often feel that she can "read" my mind/body!

Dee Ann S.
Tucson, AZ

Becky is an incredible yoga instructor! I have been practicing yoga under her guidance for almost 7 years! She teaches each student to challenge themselves, but to remember not to overdo it. She is thoughtful, insightful and patient. I plan on being her student for as long as she's a teacher! Namaste!
Sally H.
Tucson, AZ

Our journey to Peru was an amazing adventure! I can't say what I loved the best -- the Sacred Valley oasis of Willka Tika with those beautiful chakra flower gardens, Machu Picchu and the grand sense of the past, or our tour guide's passionate stories of the ancient and wise peoples. It was wonderful to have the daily yoga practice to give us all a deep truth connection to our surroundings. This was a well developed and intimate adventure for all of us.

Sharon N.
Tucson, AZ

Becky was my first yoga teacher when I began learning yoga in 2005 and I still take her class regularly because I'm still
learning from her! She gives her students a strong foundation in yoga and then throws in some wrinkles to keep things
interesting. Becky constantly demonstrates that yoga is infinitely adaptable to any physical condition. She encourages her
students to explore yoga on their own and gives them the tools they need to develop their own practice. And I have developed my own home practice; but I still attend Becky's classes regularly because she radiates so much compassion and generosity that she is a joy to be around. I always feel better after taking Becky's class!

Dee K.
Tucson, AZ

I've taken classes from Becky for over 5 years now and find her approach to yoga in one's life to be calming, strengthening and physically refreshing. I find her strength lies in her desire to teach how adaptable the practice of yoga is to various abilities. Through her guidance, my ability to advance a pose, hold a pose and listen to my body through the pose has sharpened. During class I'm beginning to realize the interconnection between yoga movements and one's mental

Anita J.
Tucson, AZ

I've practiced yoga most of my life and Becky is the best instructor I've ever had. Her training is exemplary and her classes are the perfect balance of relaxation, challenge, flexibility and pertinent information. She is always accessible and positive, extremely knowledgeable and a constant source of inspiration. I can't recommend her enough.

Dianne Ebertt Beeaff
Author of "Spirit Stones, Unraveling the Megalithic Mysteries of Western Europe's Prehistoric Monuments"

I have taken yoga classes from other teachers over the years, but once I found Becky I knew I had found the right one. In Becky's classes it isn't just about doing a pose and putting your time in. She teaches the pose, why we do it a certain way and what the benefits are. Becky inspires me so much, that I decided to join her Peru yoga retreat trip. What an amazing experience! Every aspect of the trip was wonderful, from the travel itself, to being shown the local culture, to yoga and meditation atop Machu Picchu! I can't wait for more trips with Becky! Becky has truly transformed my "I should go to yoga class" experience to "I can't wait to go to yoga class"!

Sherri K.
Tucson, AZ


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